Fabrics is a hugely difficult market for newcomers to break into, simply because there are many long-established companies hard at work. So the fact that Texturas por Alexandra, as textiles editor company, has achieved a rock solid presence in the high-end textile business in less than fifteen years is testament to its individuality and determination.

The brand is run by Maria Jesus Guinot. Her design team works closely with Colección Alexandra to ensure products complement the

furniture, since most clients choose to have their pieces upholstered in “Texturas” fabrics. However, the brand is independant with many of its own customers. The company uses high quality raw materials for its products: silks, cottons, wool and natural fibres mixed with polyester or viscose for durability.

Texturas por Alexandra like to be seen and heard around the world, exhibiting at the top international trade fairs.

Working very closely with the Alexandra Design Studio, Texturas is becoming one of the world’s most sought after fabric design houses.

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