East meets West in the Coleccion Alexandra stand at Habitat Fair in Valencia

October 4 2017

This initiative promoted by Coleccion Alexandra and introduced during this year's Habitat fair in Valencia, brought together design professionals both eastern and western:  BEN WU, a renowned Chinese interior designer with a proven track record and profound knowledge of Chinese market trends, and Maria J. Guinot and Jacobo Ventura from Coleccion Alexandra.

 Ben Wu's presence at the fair is no coincidence; he has been chosen by Coleccion Alexandra to design and develop a new product line in keeping with the characteristics of the Chinese luxury market.

In recent years Coleccion Alexandra has focussed on expanding its brand in the Asian market, opening various single brand showrooms.  This collaboration with Ben Wu is just one more step towards strenthening its presence in this complex market.

 Ben Wu is the Chief Designer of W. DESIGN and founder of W+s Design Group. His innate extraordinary talent and solid foundation in traditional art has made him not only famous for interior design in luxury real estate and hotels, but also well received in the overall design of interior furnishings with an exclusive and unique customer target, specializing in Art Deco and neo-classical styles. Many of his works have been collected by Beijing International Design Week and Times Art Museum. Ben Wu is also a guest Professor at Tsinghua University and the first Chinese committee member of the Rodi International Trend Council.

Various Chinese media professionals in design and decor gathered to cover the event.

East meets West in the Coleccion Alexandra stand at Habitat Fair in Valencia

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