Juan Ripolles & Coleccion Alexandra, a true fusion of Art and Design

December 13 2017

Once again, the renowned artist from Castellon, Juan Ripolles, has used one of the most emblematic pieces of the firm as his canvas. Namely, the Alexandra bar cabinet, thus transforming this functional and beautiful piece into a work of art.

The collaboration between Coleccion Alexandra and Juan Ripolles, also known as Ripo, started in 2009.  The choice of the Alexandra bar cabinet as a canvas to portray his creativity was no coincidence.

The Alexandra bar cabinet. It has been described by many professionals in the sector as “a classical piece of the 21st century”.  Designed by Jacobo Ventura in 2006, it has by its own merits become the iconic symbol of the firm, blending to perfection two opposing yet at the same time complementary styles.

Juan Garcia Ripolles is a Spanish painter, engraver and sculptor.  He works with diverse materials such as ceramics, glass fibre, Murano glass, resin, iron and bronze for his mayor sculptures.  In his paintings, he uses gouache, Chinese ink, acrylics, etc.

 For the last five decades, his paintings and engravings have been exhibited in the best art galleries and museums in Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo and Beijing, while his sculptures can be seen in numerous parks, main streets and squares in cities such as Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Lisbon, Venice, Verona, Hertogenbosch and Beijing.

Juan Ripolles & Coleccion Alexandra, a true fusion of Art and Design

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