Alexandra, so much more
than furniture

We are a Spanish company with an international focus, specialising in the design and manufacture of exclusive furniture, offering the largest product range on the market. Our company also offers technical support for the development of customized products and interior design projects. Our goal is to guarantee total customer satisfaction with a direct and personalized approach.

In our collection, we cover the three lines or decorative styles which are the hallmark of our brand:

The Tempo collection is an example of luxury designer furniture made by Alexandra.


The most iconic pieces from Alexandra

A selection of our most emblematic furniture. Unique pieces with exclusive designs and distinctive character, the perfect balance between creativity and functionality. Furniture of refined aesthetics conceived for lovers of luxury and harmony.



At home in every interior
Alexandra has two versions of the Cobra armchair, with high and low backrest.
Alexandra manufactures luxury furniture and furnishings for the home and contract.
Customisable luxury furniture for the interior design of private homes and hospitality projects.

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