Contract furniture.
Fulfilling your project needs

We offer global solutions, specialised services and furniture manufacture.

We have a long professional track record and extensive experience in the contract channel that endorses us as the perfect partner to make any type of project a success. We offer global solutions and specialised services for the execution of contract projects and furnishing hotels and commercial spaces.

Clients from all over the world have trusted us to carry out their projects. Our expert team offers professional consultancy services for the management of hospitality projects. We are more than a contract furniture supplier; we adapt our designs and we also custom manufacture.





What kind of contract projects can we do?

  • Luxury hotels
  • Official-Government residences
  • Embassies, public and corporate offices
  • Restaurants
  • Private residences
  • Luxury yachts
  • Retail

The contract services most in demand:


A technical department at your disposal

Alexandra boasts a multidisciplinary technical office, professionals who carry out meticulous technical development of each piece, collaborating closely with our client’s design team and providing the most effective and innovative creative solutions.


Interior design

Our contract interior design and furnishing department can develop projects in their entirety or provide support to project management teams. Participating in the choice of furniture and other accessories, creation of plans and 3D presentations, study of materials, etc.


Integrated project management

In order to be able to give a global and specialised response, our Contract, Hotels and Residences Project Management team can carry out projects in an integral way, taking charge of the interior design and fittings, controlling all the phases of the project and organising all the suppliers and work teams.


Tailor-made and personalised

An essential requirement to maintain exclusivity in a luxury project and to be able to stand out from the rest, is to incorporate unique furniture manufactured especially for that purpose.

Our experience and flexibility make us the perfect contract furniture manufacturer. Starting from the design supplied by the client, we can also carry out all the necessary product development prior to manufacture.


Own designs

Our own furniture collection is one of the most extensive in the world, encompassing different styles and influences, from avant-garde to classic furniture.

We adapt our production processes and raw materials to meet the regulations of every country in the world.


Installation and assembly

Our experienced installation and assembly team ensures that each project delivered meets the agreed quality standards and deadlines, and is able to react to any unforeseen incident.


After-sales service

A project does not end with the delivery and assembly of the furniture. We know that commercial furniture is subject to intense use by the public, which can cause damage or deterioration. Our after-sales service provides you with user and maintenance manuals, as well as technical service for repairs and adjustments, so that the furniture looks as good as the first day.

Modern restaurant with furniture and chairs made to measure by Alexandra with fire retardant upholstery.

Why choose us as your contract supplier?

  • · Professional technical service team.
  • · High production capacity.
  • · Ability to adapt to any style.
  • · More than 30 years of international experience.
  • · Quality standards of the highest level.
  • · Harmonious collaboration, with a personal and close relationship.
  • · Guarantee and excellent after-sales service.
  • · Impeccable economic stability.
  • · Leader in Spain in the luxury furniture sector.
Hall of a luxury hotel in Dubai with contract furniture by Alexandra.
Restaurant tables with a personalised design.
Comfortable restaurant armchair with fire retardant upholstery.

Our experience speaks for itself

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