Design and manufacture of made-to-measure furniture

We live in a global world where everything looks alike, so the only way to stand out from the crowd is to be original, unique and exclusive. We want to live in a space that represents us and conveys our true personality. Because we all like to feel special, that we matter and that our preferences are taken into account.

We don’t want to follow a trend; we want to create it. This can only be achieved by letting your creativity run wild. Give freedom to your imagination and capture all your essence in the project. We will give shape to your dreams.

Luxury is synonymous with exclusivity, which is why we manufacture luxury furniture made to measure for each client. Each of our pieces is unique, just like our clients, as well as their tastes and needs. We manufacture customised furniture with the highest quality standards.

Custom-made walk-in closet with built-in wardrobes and a stool for comfortable dressing.


Detail of a piece of furniture specially designed by Alexandra's technical office.
Designer developing plans for the manufacture of bespoke furniture.

We are the solution, ask us for whatever you need and we will be at your disposal with our entire team of professionals.

Our technical office for bespoke furniture loves a challenge.
Because it’s boring to do the same thing over and over again, our technical office for bespoke products is ready to be put to the test and can intervene at any stage. Whether you want to modify one of our pieces of furniture to suit your needs, or you have a personal design, we manufacture it with the highest quality standards and taking care of every detail. And if you have an idea, we can design and develop it before manufacturing it.

The product development and innovation department is passionate about customising furniture with new finishes.
We have a wide range of finishes for wood and metals, an extensive catalogue of fabrics, leathers and eco-leathers, multiple options of marble, natural stone and ceramics. In other words, a wide variety of alternatives for each element that makes up a piece of furniture, allowing you to create almost unrepeatable combinations. But if you are looking for something different, to turn your furniture into a unique and exclusive piece with your own essence, we can manufacture customised furniture with your chosen finishes. Create original and extraordinary pieces with your own distinctive stamp.

Modern style office with furniture designed and custom-made by Alexandra.

A small sample to inspire you

There are so many examples that we could give you of spaces where you can incorporate custom-made or bespoke furniture. But we are only going to give you a small sample of what we can do to inspire you.

And your project… we create it together, so that it is unique and really reflects what you want to express.

Design sketch of a bespoke desk for exclusive offices.
Bespoke modular sofa designed to the customer's specifications in terms of shape and size.
A bespoke modular sofa or a made-to-measure sofa

It is clear that a sofa has to be comfortable, but it should also blend in with the space. You can choose to customise a modular sofa and create the configuration that best suits you. And if you need it, we can adapt the measurements and manufacture the sofa you really want.

Custom-made walk-in closet with shoe racks and a chest of drawers that functions as an island with extra storage space.
Add a built-in wardrobe for a practical and functional luxury bedroom.

A walk-in closet is a classic in terms of made-to-measure manufacturing, as the space it is going to occupy will be different in each project. As well as the interior configuration, which will depend on the needs and use it is going to be given: for shoe collectors, coat lovers, to display handbags.

Beds and headboards manufactured to conform to the standard sizes of each country.
What country are you from?
Custom made beds and headboards

And without leaving the bedroom, we continue with beds and headboards. Thanks to our experience in the international market, we know that standard bed sizes vary from one country to another, making it necessary to manufacture made-to-measure headboards.

Custom made extra large U-shaped luxury dining table.
Time to eat!

An element that goes unnoticed but is of great importance in every home. Family meals, happy celebrations, after-dinner conversations with friends or pleasant get-togethers take place around the table. We have custom-made tables in all shapes and sizes: square, round, extremely long, U-shaped, etc.

Executive office with custom-made shelving.
An executive office says a lot about your company

The office should reflect the company's identity and at the same time be a functional workspace. Personalise the desk for the computer and the office chair, integrate some custom-made shelves and you will create a successful image.

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