Designer dining room with elegant luxury furniture.
The straightforward design of the Atlas chair exudes luxury without fuss.
The Disc sofa is a clear example of luxury furniture with a modern design.

New horizons in the world of design, new paths, reinventing aesthetic concepts, creating different realities and forms of expression.

Alexandra is firmly committed to avant-garde and signature design. FORWARDS, a new line that is born under the influence of the prestigious designer Ramón Esteve who, with his clear vocation for the permanent conquest of essential spaces, creates proposals with a Mediterranean flavour in honour of his origins. Designs that are always in vogue, regardless of trends and that last over time.

Alexandra FORWARDS also works with other renowned international designers such as Francesc Rifé, Wu Bin, Yonoh Studio, Venture, Estudihac-JM Ferrero or Jacobo Ventura, who bring to the firm a new wave of ideas and inspiration that are reflected in modern and avant-garde designs. Creations which possess the gift of elegance, timelessness and conceived for lovers of understated, discreet luxury and without excess.

The FORWARDS line preserves the intrinsic values of the firm, such as handcrafted traditions in its manufacturing processes, the taste and care for detail and the high quality and purity of the materials used. Combined with the customisation of its pieces and the "Made in Spain" hallmark.

Our designer furniture has been created by experts, master craftsmen who have applied all their skills to each piece, creating unique furniture which, as well as being functional, is also highly attractive.


The Tempo sideboard in a black finish is a luxury piece of furniture in a modern style.

Jude | Estrato | Decorte

By Francesc Rifé

Design furniture that leaves no one indifferent. Modern designer furniture is born from an inspiration, from a dream, which each creator materialises by letting his imagination run wild. A reflection of the identity of each designer. Unique furniture with original shapes and innovative material combinations, where even the smallest details are taken care of. Unique pieces that add a touch of sophistication to any space, both for the home and for hospitality. Created to delight with harmonious compositions, maintaining the functionality and avant-garde. Furniture carefully crafted to captivate your senses.


Avant-garde and signature design

Naturally, we have chosen to collaborate with great professionals who, like us, have a passion for furniture in their DNA. Experts with knowledge of current trends who wanted to create furniture to dress a home or facility with practical, yet seductive design.

Francesc Rifé, interior and industrial designer

Francesc Rifé

Interior and industrial designer, Francesc Rifé founded his own studio in Barcelona in 1994. Influenced by minimalism and following a familiar tradition linked to craftsmanship, his work focuses on ways of approaching material honesty, spatial order and geometric proportion. His projects range from interior to industrial design, architecture, the creation of concepts, installations, graphics, and art direction.

The Valencian architect and designer Ramón Esteve.

Ramón Esteve

Ramón Esteve is an architect and designer, one emerging as a consequence of the other. In 1991, he founded the RE_E studio with a transversal vision in which Architecture and Design form a single concept under the same laws and principles of design. His aim is to develop complete environments through a mutual interaction between both disciplines, generating creative solutions for unique places, objects and brands.

Gabriel Teixidó, diseñador industrial.

Gabriel Teixidó

Gabriel Teixidó defines himself as a designer who is “quite” industrial, unconcerned with trends. His way of working alone results in austere designs far removed from formal showiness. His discretion and efficiency have made him a permanent figure in the Spanish industrial design scene. Teixidó has a special ability to turn his designs into commercial successes: “what interests me is that my designs are useful, that people feel comfortable with them, that they are helpful.

Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma, the founders of Yonoh Studio.

Yonoh Studio

Yonoh is distinguished by the progressive refinement of their personal voice, rarely flirting excessively with any aesthetic trend. Over the course of time, they have made their way with a fine and elegant style, impeccably resolved. And they have achieved this by working for companies less interested in impressing and more in contributing, striking a perfect balance between their own voice and the style of the firm.

Jacobo Ventura Guinot, furniture designer at Alexandra.

Jacobo Ventura

Jacobo Ventura’s passion for design is part of his DNA, a multidisciplinary artist with a restless mind and boundless creativity. Influenced by different trends, he has created a versatile personal style capable of adapting to the needs of the project. With the aim of creating living spaces that generate emotions and feelings, he focuses on the people who will inhabit them. He is capable of transforming everyday objects into unique elements, giving them added value.

JMFerrero, founder of the design studio estudi{H}ac


José Manuel Ferrero founded estudi{H}ac in 2003 with the aim of giving life to the ideas in his head. The passion he puts into his work is evident from the very first moment. Discreet, cultured, elegant and immensely creative, for Ferrero design is a way of life. It could be said that the British term “Bespoke” is the tenet that governs every design, being a national and international reference.

Venture, design consultants.


Venture is a consulting firm that designs spaces with a story. They are fascinated by people, and generate experiences, design spaces and products that go through emotion and create memories. Their DNA has mutated as they have gained experience, but they still retain their essence: generosity, innovation, familiarity and ingenuity. Their restless soul is always looking for disruption, with their minds firmly fixed on a future that is already here.

Wu Bin, famous international designer born in China.

Wu Bin

Wu Bin honours his origins and infuses traditional Chinese culture into his work. Inspired by the concept of life and the present moment, as well as the perception and experimentation of the future, he creates designs with unique and original poetry focused on giving space a soul with a personality of its own. His merits have made him a cross-border artist with worldwide recognition and award-winning prestige.

SummumStudio, a strategic design consultancy founded by José M. Gimeno.


SummumStudio is an interdisciplinary strategic design consultancy, specialising in unique projects of high distinctive value in interior architecture, product design and graphic design. The studio was founded in 2007 by industrial designer Jose M. Gimeno, winner of many national and international awards. His philosophy is based on rationality and material and formal purity, adding a certain degree of spontaneity to his projects.

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