Contemporary furniture that exudes craftsmanship and innovation. Eclectic and versatile designs that combine whimsical materials to create exclusive pieces.

The curved shapes of the Blooms armchair, designed by Soraya Pla, are the hallmark of the Evolution line of contemporary luxury furniture from the Spanish manufacturer Coleccion Alexandra.
Table made from leather and porcelain tile, a whimsical combination of materials to create contemporary luxury furniture.
Interior design project for a contemporary dining room with luxury furniture manufactured in Spain by Coleccion Alexandra.

Versatile furniture for contemporary settings that coexist perfectly with other styles, creating luxurious atmospheres that breathe elegance and exclusivity. Diverse collections that range from the purest contemporary style to fusions with conceptual touches. Combinations of different materials that experiment with shapes, and with particular emphasis on the details to achieve exclusive designs.

True to our principles and origins, we are passionate about the work carried out by master craftsmen, such as cabinetmakers, leather artisans and upholsterers. But we also look to the future and are excited about new manufacturing techniques, current materials and trendy finishes.

We let our imagination run wild with innovation and craftsmanship to bring to life collections with different identities, all of them unique. Contemporary style is so eclectic that it allows you to experiment with the elements, to create completely different collections.

Contemporary furniture is ideal for adding elegance to modern spaces. It integrates perfectly in classic settings, adding a touch of freshness to the décor. Success is assured with the wide range of finishes, transforming a piece of furniture into a fresher or more sober piece depending on the décor.


Detail of the George sideboard showing the interplay between fantasy and elegance characteristic of Evolution contemporary furniture from Coleccion Alexandra.


By JMFerrero-estudi{h}ac

Axel is an original piece of furniture that creates a luxury coffee corner at home or in the office.


By Jacobo Ventura

Evolution, much more than furniture, a collection of objects of desire. Attractive, carefully created designs breathe life into original pieces without neglecting their functionality. Bold geometries, unusual materials, unique furniture created to surprise and elegantly dress the space. Contrasts and harmonies that catch the eye, revealing unique and exclusive settings.


Curiosity and creativity, the ingredients for a range of unique pieces.

With his sights set on creating a line of exclusive furniture that manages to transmit emotions, Jacobo Ventura embarked on the project of giving life to Evolution, a line of furniture that captivates the senses. Heir to the values of tradition and craftsmanship, he has contributed innovation and a modern approach to the firm with collections that surprise and delight.

Soraya Pla, Valencian designer.

Soraya Pla

Soraya Pla feels the permanent need to create a safe space for her creativity. She is idealistic and advocates for a romantic and human design thinking, respecting above all the past, to which she has given great importance since her beginnings and for which she feels a real attraction, thus creating a very personal language.

Jacobo Ventura Guinot, furniture designer at Alexandra.

Jacobo Ventura

Jacobo Ventura’s passion for design is part of his DNA, a multidisciplinary artist with a restless mind and boundless creativity. Influenced by different trends, he has created a versatile personal style capable of adapting to the needs of the project. With the aim of creating living spaces that generate emotions and feelings, he focuses on the people who will inhabit them. He is capable of transforming everyday objects into unique elements, giving them added value.

Santiago Sevillano is a Valencian designer of international renown.

Santiago Sevillano

Santiago Sevillano established a multidisciplinary studio in Valencia in 2003, made up of a team of professionals from different fields and with extensive experience in the world of design. Attention to detail, teamwork and efficiency are part of his independent spirit. A studio able to generate significant experiences focused on continuous growth, managing to simplify the complex.

Santiago Sevillano is a Valencian designer of international renown.

Michele Mantovani

Michele Mantovani is an architecture and interior design studio based in Barcelona. Since 2012 they have been handling architecture, interior design, furniture design and corporate identity projects. They like to take care of all the details of each and every project and are always focused on creativity, innovation and excellence, adapting strategies and work methods to the needs and demands of each project.

Enrique Marti, industrial designer.

Enrique Martí

Industrial designer Enrique Martí founded his studio in 2006, after working for a leading furniture manufacturer for nine years. Over time it evolved into a group of professionals capable of addressing and satisfying any type of need in the broad field of design. His main objective is to offer an integrated service of design, product development, corporate image, communication, management and design consultancy.

JMFerrero, founder of the design studio estudi{H}ac


José Manuel Ferrero founded estudi{H}ac in 2003 with the aim of giving life to the ideas in his head. The passion he puts into his work is evident from the very first moment. Discreet, cultured, elegant and immensely creative, for Ferrero design is a way of life. It could be said that the British term “Bespoke” is the tenet that governs every design, being a national and international reference.

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