Traveler Safe

The Traveler safe combines design and security

Our goal in manufacturing the Traveler luxury safe, designed by Jacobo Ventura, is to combine the concepts of safety and elegance in an exceptional work of art. To offer a high security safe to protect all your most precious personal assets, such as jewelry, watches, documents and other valuable items. We aim to transform a practical element into a captivating design feature for your home.

Safeguard your treasures with style. The Traveler high security safe has been crafted using traditional methods and the finest quality materials. A true masterpiece of design and elegance made to the highest standards while representing an inviolable barrier between the world and your most valued treasures.


We cater to your needs, our team of professionals is at your disposal.

Bring style and functionality to your space with the Traveler safe. .
Traveler Safe is designed to enhance prestigious environments, making it an ideal choice for various settings. Whether you want to secure your valuable possessions at home, protect sensitive documents in executive offices, showcase exquisite jewelry in a jeweler's shop, or elevate the luxury of hotel rooms, our safes offer the utmost protection and style.

Traveler Safe

Tailored to your tastes

Unleash your creativity with the fully customizable Traveler Safe, meticulously tailored to your individual specifications. Every aspect, from the interior layout to the exterior finishes, is crafted with utmost precision and care, resulting in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that reflects your distinct personality. Collaborating closely with you, we understand your unique needs and deliver a security safe solution that surpasses expectations, to achieve the best security safe to last you a lifetime.

The Traveler luxury safe allows you to customise both the exterior finish and the interior layout
Coleccion Alexandra crafts the leather following the tradition of the master furriers.

A handcrafted master piece

Elevate your safe with our exquisite handcrafted exterior finish, featuring over 50 colours of premium natural leather meticulously hand-embossed by our skilled artisans. Paying homage to the timeless allure of vintage suitcases, our traditional craftsmanship is further enhanced with elegant leather straps and corners.

Plan of the safe
The Traveler high security safe is ideal for safekeeping luxury watches and jewellery.

The perfect combination of quality and high security

The Traveler Safe has been developed to comply with the EN-1143/1 European Standard of Security for safes, obtaining Security Grade IV approved. It has a blocked system by electronic lock and double bitted key lock. Class B EN-1300. Digital system. Also available with time delay and jamming function. Our luxury safes offer a high degree of resistance against modern methods of attack, including mechanical, thermal and abrasive, conforming to security graded requirements.


Jacobo Ventura Guinot, furniture designer at Alexandra.
Jacobo Ventura

Jacobo Ventura’s passion for design is part of his DNA, a multidisciplinary artist with a restless mind and boundless creativity. Influenced by different trends, he has created a versatile personal style capable of adapting to the needs of the project. With the aim of creating living spaces that generate emotions and feelings, he focuses on the people who will inhabit them. He is capable of transforming everyday objects into unique elements, giving them added value.

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