Francesc Rifé and Alexandra Unite

A natural collaboration between two firms that share common values.

Francesc Rifé and Alexandra Unite

A partnership based on aesthetics and commitment


The collaboration between Francesc Rifé, renowned interior and industrial designer, and Alexandra arises from an understanding of the values that guide their paths. Both firms stand out for their dedication to high quality design, attention to detail and the search for the emotions linked to art in each creation.


Opening of the Ri House Touch Reveal showroom



The opening of RI HOUSE 'TOUCH. REVEAL.'


The opening of RI HOUSE 'TOUCH. REVEAL.' represents a milestone in this collaboration and can be visited from 13th March to 31st May 2024. The setting, curated by Cristina Korres, envelops a space exhibiting the new furniture collections designed by Francesc Rifé for Alexandra. With a delicate sculptural approach and a captivating sensory experience, it invites visitors to immerse themselves in a sleek, sophisticated atmosphere.


Cristina Korres, artist and fashion designer, responsible for curating the exhibition.



The public's response to the setting


Visitors were both enthusiastic about the furniture collections and surprised by the innovative staging, demonstrating the success of this collaboration between the three key players. Attendees were captivated by the artistic sensibility of the exhibition, where design and emotion intertwine to create a visually and emotionally impactful experience.


The public was amazed by both the luxurious furnishings and the design of the staging.



Highlighting the Jude seat collection


Among the furniture presented, the Jude seat collection stands out as an example of the elegance and comfort characteristic of both Francesc Rifé and Alexandra. Comprising a sofa, armchair, pouf and chair, this collection perfectly combines functionality and style.


Jude pouf from the exhibition's signature collection.



Taking care of every detail to create welcoming spaces


Meticulous attention to detail has been key to creating a minimalist yet welcoming space at RI HOUSE 'TOUCH. REVEAL.' The selection of natural materials, soft textures and lighting carefully designed for the event, contribute to an atmosphere of harmony and comfort, inviting visitors to explore and enjoy the space using all their senses.


The minimalist touches in the showroom create a harmonious atmosphere.



Harmony between the different spaces.


Alexandra and Francesc Rifé have come together to create a unique balance between large spaces and unexpected nooks. The combination of natural materials and soft tones creates a welcoming and serene atmosphere, focussing on the aesthetics and sensitivity of the surroundings to enhance the appeal of the furniture.

A cosy corner created to showcase modern designer furniture.



The shared values between Alexandra and Francesc Rifé


Both firms share a passion for creating spaces and furniture that are not merely visually pleasing, but are meaningful expressions of human life and emotion. In addition to styling and quality, innovation and sustainability are fundamental pillars for both companies. This fusion of shared values has given rise to a unique experience, where beauty and functionality are intertwined in every corner.


Juan Manuel Ventura and Francesc Rifé with their closest collaborators.


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