The mystery of "Clandestino" enchants at MIAD

Disak Studio has created a "Clandestino" club inspired by the legendary James Bond that embodies elegance and sophistication .

The mystery of "Clandestino" enchants at MIAD

The historic bullring Plaza de Toros in Las Ventas in Madrid hosted the first edition of MIAD, an event featuring art, design, architecture and the best international brands in Spain. The interior design studio Disak has created a select and discreet space that captures the essence of the iconic James Bond. From the moment you cross the threshold of "Clandestino", you are transported to an ambience of sophisticated luxury and exclusivity.


Velvet sofas and leather armchairs in dark tones create a sophisticated ambience.


Hidden elegance in every corner

High quality materials such as velvet, leather and dark wood combine with a rich, dark colour palette to create an atmosphere of elegance and mystery. The strategic arrangement of Alexandra furniture and Uecko cabinetry, together with carefully designed mood lighting, help to enhance this sense of clandestine sophistication.


Uecko's bespoke wardrobes conceal the gateway to this exclusive luxury club.


Disak puts its trust in Alexandra's unparalleled quality and design

Jérôme Le Fouillé confides: "The decision to select Alexandra furniture for "Clandestino" was a natural choice. With its reputation for quality and exceptional design, the collection offers unique pieces that reflect the distinctive character of James Bond. The combination of high quality materials, such as leather and velvet, creates a sophisticated ambience that transports visitors to a world of luxury and exclusivity."


Wood, leather and velvet are the high-quality materials that dominate the space.


A haven for the imagination

Cristina Remírez de Ganuza unveils her vision: "At "Clandestino", we hope visitors will feel transported to another time and place, where mystery and elegance are intertwined in every corner. We want them to experience emotions of intrigue and excitement as they explore the hidden corners and discover the luxurious design details."


The warmth of the fireplace evokes a haven of mystery and luxury.


Commitment to sustainability and visitor experience

For all its luxury and mystery, the space is also committed to sustainability. The materials selected are both luxurious and environmentally friendly, ensuring an exceptional visitor experience without jeopardising the future of the planet. In addition, the thoughtful arrangement of the furnishings and soft materials invite visitors to relax and immerse themselves in the clandestine atmosphere of the space.


The sustainable materials create a warm atmosphere that generates a pleasant user experience.

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