A futuristic vision for Marbella Design & Art

Renowned interior designers have relied on Alexandra to create their spaces at Marbella Design & Art.

A futuristic vision for Marbella Design & Art

Contemporary art and interior design

Marbella Design & Art is a benchmark in the world of art and interior design. During the latest edition of the fair more than 50 interior designers and more than 150 brands created innovative and exclusive spaces to showcase the latest trends for residential and contract. Eleven days to glimpse the future through ground-breaking settings.


Moon Suite X is the Alexandra & Grato space designed by Jacobo Ventura for Marbella Design & Art 2022.


MOON SUITE X by Jacobo Ventura

The multidisciplinary artist Jacobo Ventura has created Moon Suite X taking as a starting point the handcrafted manufacture of Alexandra, personalising and designing custom-made furniture that adapts harmoniously to the project. In addition to the freshness of bleached oak park to create a welcoming atmosphere.


Boceto del espacio Moon Suite X by Jacobo Ventura


Moon Suite X is rather more than a space, it is an environment that evokes the future, a suite with a compact area that transports us to new futuristic horizons. Jacobo Ventura plays with the curved shapes and volumes that envelop us to create this visionary space.


A warm atmosphere

The Seven coffee table has been updated with the Cristallo Lumix by Nerinea, which provides soft lighting. The warmth of the room is enhanced by the Santos Monterio rug and the lamps by Leds C4, Aromas del Campo and MYO. While the artistic touch comes from Lladró with its legendary The Guest.


Beluga sofa on display in Moon Suite X is the Alexandra & Grato space designed by Jacobo Ventura for Marbella Design & Art 2022.


Reuse today for a sustainable future.

In its commitment to the environment, Alexandra is focused on recycling in order to generate less waste. One example is this Grato playground that was used during the recent Valencia Furniture Fair.


Arco round bed showcased in Moon Suite X, the Alexandra & Grato space designed by Jacobo Ventura for Marbella Design & Art 2022.


A futuristic bathroom

Simplicity and elegance were Jacobo's principles for designing a minimalist and functional space. The Hansgrohe taps and the new generation Compass washbasin unit stand out. To be incorporated by Alexandra into its collections together with the round Arco bed and the Beluga sofa, designed by Jacobo to create this futuristic room.


A futuristic bathroom for Moon Suite X, the Alexandra & Grato space designed by Jacobo Ventura for Marbella Design & Art 2022.


Marbella Luxury Suite. Neolithe Space by José Lara

Awarded a Mention for Best Product Exhibition, José Lara's proposal is a luxury suite where the elements are fused together, nothing is missing or surplus. Inspired by the nights of Marbella, where sinuous shapes blend together in a play of light and shadow. The Abano sofas, designed by Soraya Pla for Alexandra, are perfectly integrated in this space that should be lived in and enjoyed.


Abano sofas displayed in Marbella Luxury Suite, Neolithe by José Lara space at Marbella Design & Art 2022.

Marbella Luxury Suite Neolith x Jose Lara. Photo: Paloma Pacheco Turnes


Ágora Lounge. D!OS Space by Somos 2 Studio

Eva Jurado and María Díaz Leguina, Somos 2 Studio, have created this space divided into two main areas that seek to be modern without losing functionality. On the one hand, there is the conference area or Ágora, a relaxed atmosphere that invites debate. Because there is nothing better than a pleasant conversation in the warmth of the fireplace, accompanied by a freshly brewed coffee in the Axel Coffee Station furniture whilst enjoying the comfort of the Cricket armchairs.


Cricket armchairs on display in Ágora Lounge, space D!OS by Somos 2 Studio at Marbella Design & Art 2022


On the other hand, there is the Coworking and Press area. An open area designed for teamwork, where the importance of a comfortable chair is emphasised. Marcos and Cricket are distinguished by their light and enveloping design, two handcrafted chairs that guarantee design and ergonomics.


Marco and Cricket chairs on display in Ágora Lounge, D!OS by Somos 2 Studio at Marbella Design & Art 2022.


Omono. Nothing Studio Space

Angelina Sanz and Álvaro Latorre have been inspired by the mountain scenery and the tranquillity of the sea of Marbella to create Omono, a Japanese name that means connection between the earthly and the divine. For this project they have used the Yuan armchair, the Tempo chair and the Tempo sofa, elegant pieces with simple lines and great personality.


Tempo and The One exhibited at Omono, Nothing Studio space in Marbella Design & Art 2022.


Sunday Afternoon. Saloni Space by Mar Vidal

A space born from the feeling of motherhood, care and support, with the subtly elegant touch that characterises Mar Vidal. A fusion of contrasts that enhance the furniture and decorative elements, highlighting their value. The textures and tones of the George sideboard add character to this corner.


George bathroom furniture on display at Tardes de Domingo, Saloni by Mar Vidal space at Marbella Design & Art 2022.


Modus in Rebus. Simona Garufi Studio Space

Striking staging to recreate a private club that revolves around art, seeking to make people reflect and provoke dialogue. Red creates an intimate atmosphere in which to exhibit transgressive works, the ambience is softened by the light tones of the Ángeles chest of drawers and the Cobra armchairs.


Ángeles chest of drawers and Cobra armchairs on display at Modus in Rebus, Simona Garufi Studio space at Marbella Design & Art 2022.


Shouts and whispers. Jesús Toro Space

A space created to enjoy leisure in a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. A play of colours and lights create contrasts that add a touch of drama and stage presence. Pieces such as the Tempo coffee table and the Iris sideboard bring luminosity and serenity to a room designed to share with family and friends.


Iris sideboard exhibited in Screams and Whispers, Jesús Toro space in Marbella Design & Art 2022


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