Skyline by L’Antic Colonial Grupo Porcelanosa

Inspired by a sophisticated lifestyle, each space has been designed to delight the senses and enjoy the art of good living.

Skyline by L’Antic Colonial Grupo Porcelanosa

An exceptional space for leisure

In collaboration with the visionary designer Jacobo Ventura, L'Antic Colonial - Grupo Porcelanosa has created an exceptional space where every corner embodies the essence of leisure. Inspired by the latest trends and contemporary sophistication, it houses an original designer wine cabinet behind the modern Cobra armchairs. An invitation to unwind and enjoy a fine wine in a cosy and elegant atmosphere.


An original wine cabinet with modern Cobra armchairs, a contemporary space that evokes luxury and sophistication.



Fun and style with the Compass customised pool table

Leisure comes alive with the addition of the Compass pool table, a functional work of art designed by Jacobo Ventura. With its customised finishes, it blends seamlessly into the décor, creating an elegant lounge area that goes beyond the simple game. A unique space to share memorable moments with friends and family.


Compass modern pool table with customised white eco-leather finish and orange cloth, designed by Jacobo Ventura for luxury leisure areas.



A Space designed for Relaxation

After an exciting game of pool, how about lounging on the Beluga sofa? with its characteristic sinuous curves that invite you to relax. An ambience that expresses the designer's personality with carefully selected decorative touches. The metallic sheen of the Seven coffee table contrasts with the fluorescent details in the picture, creating a lively and dynamic atmosphere.


A living room with modern décor, where the Seven metal coffee table and artwork contrast with the harmony of the Beluga chaise longue sofa.



An ideal space for gatherings and conversation

A space designed for unforgettable gatherings, inviting conversation and hospitality. The seating has been arranged to encourage interaction, with the comfortable L-shaped Boston sofa, the refined design of the Falcón armchair and the original Nido armchair creating a relaxed atmosphere. The central focus of the décor is the Tempus coffee table, with a sculptural design that evokes the passage of time and reminds us of the importance of enjoying every moment.


Contemporary living room designed for socialising while lounging on the Boston L-shaped sofa or the Falcon and Nido armchairs.



The harmony of natural shades

Thanks to the careful choice of natural hues, this living room combines serenity and harmony to create a cosy and peaceful ambience. The materials used on the floor and walls create a warm atmosphere enveloping the Disc sofa and Yuan armchairs, and creating a serene and calm corner. While the marble on the Coro coffee tables blends in with the décor, adding a subtle but striking touch of elegance. A space designed to enjoy moments of peace and tranquillity.


Disc living room in natural and light shades, decorated with high-end furniture from Alexandra's Forwards collection.



Minimalist elegance as a symbol of luxury

This minimalist décor seeks to emphasise the nobility of the floor coverings used, highlighting its geometric design. Touches of gold in the décor add a subtle sheen that elevates the décor and conveys a sense of understated luxury. The Tempo furniture collection, on this occasion with light finishes, blends in perfectly with this timelessly elegant style. A harmonious combination that highlights the beauty of simplicity and the purity of design.


Luxury living room with marble cladding and golden tones, furnished with Tempo sofas and coffee tables.



A dining room for entertaining

The dining room is a space of harmony and togetherness, where the bright white tones create a welcoming atmosphere. The décor is marked by contrasts, highlighting the combination between the ornate classic Alexandra cabinet, an emblem of timeless elegance, and the modern design of the Wind table, which adds a contemporary touch. This contrast between classic and modern creates a balanced contemporary ambience.


Contemporary white dining room with classic Alexandra cabinet and modern Wind table made by Alexandra.



A modern office to create great projects

The sobriety of this office merges with functionality to create an environment ideal for concentration and efficiency. The imposing Master desk with its generous size becomes a large work table. The panel with an inspiring car design, cleverly positioned on the back wall to avoid distractions, adds a touch of creativity and vitality to the environment.


Master desk for home office or executive offices, with glossy lacquered surfaces and natural leather details.



A bedroom filled with fantasy

At the end of the day, you can enjoy a well-deserved rest in this dreamy bedroom, where the inviting round Arco bed becomes the hub of tranquillity. This minimalist space invites you to let your imagination run wild with its spectacular avant-garde design. A large window opens like a door to the outside world, allowing natural light to flood the room and create a feeling of spaciousness.

Arco round bed in a minimalist luxury bedroom.



An invitation to the world of dreams

In this spacious bedroom, the soft ceiling lighting is meticulously designed to encourage restful slumber. While the enveloping Rebecca bed invites you to immerse yourself in a deep, revitalising sleep. With a contemporary and elegant design, this bedroom becomes a haven of tranquillity and sophistication, providing the perfect setting to relax and unwind at the end of the day.


Modern bedroom with Rebeca bed and Traveler leather bedside tables.



Elegant and sophisticated relaxation

The bedroom is transformed into a multipurpose space that combines an active zone, where the Traveler desk covered with handcrafted engraved leather stands out, providing a functional space for work or creativity. Meanwhile, the sleeping area offers maximum comfort with the Master bed and its leather details adding a sense of warmth. The lighting integrated into the headboard creates a cosy and relaxing atmosphere that transmits peace and calm.


Elegant and sophisticated luxury contemporary bedroom, furnished with the Master bed and integrated lighting in the headboard.


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